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    Seeds In Space - it IS rocket science!

Exciting news! (classes 2L, 2S and 6)

Earlier this year, we applied to take place in "Rocket Science", a science experiment designed to contribute to our knowledge of growing seeds in space. We are very excited because this week we have found out that we have been chosen to take part.

We will be growing seeds that have been traveling in space for six months and comparing them with seeds that have stayed on Earth. We will not know which seeds are which!

The seeds were launched on 2nd September and arrived on the International Space Station. Astronaut Tim Peake is now looking after them while he is living on the ISS. After being held for 6 months in microgravity, the seeds will be returned to Earth with astronaut Scott Kelly in March 2016.
You can follow the ISS using this link
 and give our seeds a wave as they pass overhead.

We will receive a pack of seeds that have been in space and also a pack that remained on Earth, so we can plant them after Easter. We have to keep very careful and accurate measurements which will be used to find out if being in space affects plant growth.

We will keep you up to date during our experiment.
You can find out more about it using this link