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Scavengers and Settlers

For the entry point to our new topic, Scavengers & Settlers, we spent an exciting afternoon outside in our woodland area learning about and practising some of the outdoor skills our early ancestors relied upon to survive. Throughout the afternoon the children completed three tasks. The first task involved the children making a shelter. The children considered what natural shelters they could find and then, with some basic materials, they worked together in teams to design and build a shelter.




  • settlers-S-001

Our second task was to complete a scavenger hunt – the children had to find
images of different items that a hunter-gatherer tribe might use for food and
clothing. Our final task of the day was to consider the importance of fire to our
early ancestors. We gathered materials from our natural environment and had
a go at using some of the techniques our ancestors would have used to light fires -
without the help of matches or lighter!