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To Wit To Woo

Reception have been reading stories about owls in
topic time. On Wednesday 7th October the
local rescue owl company came to visit our
school with Ruby the British Little Owl,
Cassa the Burrowing Owl from Mexico,
Taz the Barn Owl from South America,
Brambles the Tawny Owl and Jammu the
Eagle Owl.   ... continued below


  • owl-001


We found out lots of interesting facts like ;

  • Owls with orange eyes hunt for prey at night
  • Owls with yellow eyes hunt for prey during the day
  • Burrowing owls live under the ground
  • Owls can turn their heads nearly all the way around
  • Tawny owl is the only owl to make the Twit Twoo noise,
  • The male make the Twit sound and the female makes the twoo sound.