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Please note that, from September 2015, the cost of school meals will rise by 5p to £2.05 per meal

Download our Winter Menu
The meals are a guideline of the ingredients we use.
On a daily basis the menus are slightly adjusted by our kitchen staff to suit the children's tastes


If you wish your child to change their current dinner circumstances from School Meals to a Packed Lunch or vice versa, please be aware that TWO WEEKS NOTICE is required. Please also note that if your child forgets their packed lunch, a packed lunch only will be provided and will need to be paid for at the office.


Please click here for contract and sign and return as soon as possible.

Middleton Parish Primary School is responsible for the collection and reconciliation of all school dinner money and WILL BE LIABLE FOR ALL ARREARS AND NON PAYMENTS.

Parents are responsible for providing a lunch for their child(ren), this may be in the form of a paid meal, application of a free meal entitlement or a packed lunch from home. 

Parents must pay for school meals IN ADVANCE unless their child(ren) have a free school meal entitlement.  School will carry application forms for free school meals and will be happy to assist parents with applications.  If your circumstances do change and you become eligible for Free School Meals then please tell the office as soon as possible as you will be charged for meals that you do not have to pay for.

Middleton Parish Primary School has a clear set of procedures for the payment and collection of school meal money and any arrears that occur.

  • School meal money should be sent into school on a Monday morning to pay for school meals for that current week. Payments should be in an envelope and clearly marked with your child’s name, class and ‘Dinner Money’. We have Middleton Parish school money envelopes that can be purchased at the office for £2 per pack.

  • School meals may be paid for in cash or by cheque made payable to MIDDLETON PARISH PRIMARY SCHOOL.
  • Reminders will be sent to parents who have not paid for school meals that week.  Parents may also be contacted by telephone.
  • Late payments will be accepted up to the Friday of that week.

  • If your child is absent from school and meals have been paid for, these will be carried forward as credits and the following weeks payments will be adjusted accordingly.  If credits continue to the end of term they will be refunded back to parents in the form of cash.

School’s Procedures for collecting dinner money arrears

School policy is that it requests meals to be paid on a Monday for that week.

When no money is paid by the end of the week then parents are issued with a letter / text message requesting the £10.00 (from September 2014) for the first week with a reminder that next weeks will need to be paid as well (i.e. £10.00 arrears (from September 2014) + next week if they want to continue with meals next week).

If no money is paid after two weeks then parents will be issued with a letter of withdrawal of their school meals and informed to provide their child with a packed lunch or collect the child to take home for their lunch.

Once the arrears have been paid we are happy to resume school meal provision. 

Please click here for contract and sign and return as soon as possible.