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Uniform from September 2014

Our uniform can now be obtained from
School Trends - a supplier where
you can order and pay on-line
Broadbents - our traditional supplier who will now take orders by email (offers free delivery)

EYFS / Key Stage 1 - White polo shirts with or without school logo.
Key Stage 2 – White polo shirt or white school shirt with or without school logo.
These must always be tucked into skirts/trousers.

Grey school trousers
Skirts pinafore dresses   Girls may also wear grey skirts or grey pinafore dresses (not culottes).
Warmer weather (optionals) Grey school shorts Red checked school dresses.
Footwear Plain Black school shoes. NOT trainers
Socks/tights Dark socks Black,white or grey tights/socks

Watches may be worn.
Small stud earrings may be worn -
Children must remove these for P.E.

Sweatshirt/cardigan The school sweatshirt with logo should be worn. The school sweatshirt or cardigan with logo should be worn.
P.E. Kit    

Red or White T-Shirt (with or without school logo)

Red or White T-Shirt (with or without school logo)

Shorts Plain Black Shorts Plain Black Shorts
Footwear Black Pumps Black Pumps
Other Items    
School Bags

All pupils will receive a school bag and PE bag when they start in Reception. 
In Year 3 this will be replaced by a school satchel and Junior PE Bag.
If these are lost or damaged a new school bag will be need to purchased at the office. 

No other school or PE bag is allowed.
Water Bottles

All pupils will receive a school water bottle when they start in Reception class. 

If your bottle is lost or damaged they can be purchased at the office.  No other water bottles other than the school ones are allowed.


Pupils with shoulder length hair must have it tied back neatly and out of their eyes to make it easy for them to learn.

Hairstyles must also be appropriate for a learning environment.

Names must be on all items of clothing

Online Ordering

In addition to the uniform service offered by Broadbents you now have the opportunity to order uniform online.

Using this new supplier, School Trends, you will be able to pay online and collect the uniform directly from school.  All school items currently worn are available to buy - just click on the link on the home page or above and go straight to our school section.

We normally have samples in the school for you to see the quality and a leaflet is available so you can order the correct size for your child.

When orders are placed online the school office will process this order and send off to School Trends where the items will be despatched to the school with a 14 day delivery.  Once the delivery has been received a text message will be sent for you to collect your items from the school office.

If you do not have access to online ordering or you are unable to pay using the online facility then come to see the office staff and they will be able to place the order on your behalf and payment can be taken by either cash or cheque.

Broadbents still supply our school uniform and have started to take orders by email - info@broadbentsofmiddleton.co.uk and also offer a free delivery service.