At Middleton Parish Church School, our curriculum is designed with our children at its heart. It aims to develop confident and knowledgeable pupils who are able to draw on their experiences, and those of others, to build a well-informed understanding of the world around them.

In EYFS we begin by gathering information on what the children already know and can do. This information is then used to provide a range of experiences and learning opportunities, which build on what they know through their own lived experiences, whilst also giving them opportunities to explore, discover and learn about the wider world and life beyond the locality. It is facilitated by an ‘in the moment’ planning model. ‘In the moment’ planning enables us to tap into children’s interests and natural curiosity thus inspiring a love of learning from the start.

As children progress through KS1 and 2, we always aim to make links and connections between past, present and future learning so that our children are able to make changes to their long term memory and use and apply skills and knowledge across the curriculum. In order for new learning to ‘stick’, they must have prior knowledge to attach it to. At Middleton Parish our aim is to create a learning environment in which children are routinely expected to think hard about and recall what they have previously learned so that knowledge is systematically increased. Children are encouraged to be active, resilient learners who are given opportunities to ask and answer questions within a supportive environment that places the child and their learning at its heart.


We are currently developing our curriculum. If you require further information, please contact the school.


In EYFS and KS1 Phonics lessons, we follow Letters and Sounds. This is supported by a selection of reading schemes chosen to support each child in developing their decoding, comprehension and fluency skills.